A wrap-around massage

A treatment program with high concentrations of active ingredients that stimulate microcirculation, improve cell metabolism, maintain drainage and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

  • Cervical massage: the cervical massage relaxes muscles and release tension in the back and neck, leaving a deep feeling of lightness, tone and relax.

  • Plantar massage: an ideal treatment to give weight to the feet and ankles .

  • Relaxing massage: full body massage that stimulates and relaxes the muscles of the body. Create a pleasant relaxing effect improving the state of mind.

  • Anti-stress massage: massage with slow and deep movements. Ideal to help relieve muscle tension and particular contracts.

  • Emo-lymphatic massage: extremely light, through a specific pumping technique stimulates the venous lymphatic circulation and reduces the accumulation of excess fluids.

  • Aromatherapy body massage: Using a select repertoire of essential oils, the aromatherapy consultation and massage addresses conditions that impede well-being such as stress, insomnia and tension.

  • Gentle massage Good for Mom (special stretch marks): recommended during pregnancy to improve circulation in the legs, is a relaxing massage, oxygen and regeneration, specifically for legs to restore skin tone and avoid creation of stretch marks.

  • Stone Dreams massage: The action of the cold marble stone and the energy of the warm stone, together with a special kind of massage, relax and help to balance the body, improving the muscular tone. This treatment aims to achieve a healthy psycho-physical balance.

  • PNEI Massage: Rebalancing massage both physically and mentally that helps to reduce stress.

  • Sugar Papaya New Skin: exfoliating and nourishing for the body. Thanks to the action of sea salt, raw sugar, vegetable oils and essential oils, removes dead cells and impurities, softens and nourishes the skin.

  • Chocolate therapy: it ‘s a real “sin of the body” that delights the skin and enhances the spirit. Combat tension and ensures smooth and purified epidermis.

  • Four hand massage: original dynamic body massage. Two therapists work on the body from toes upward to fingers and flow continuously down the body in synch.